2 comments on “cropping a bitmap to trace in Inkscape

  1. I trace a crap load of photos quite often. My process is drag-n-drop the image onto my canvas (link or embed the image, make a new image layer below my current layer and move the image to that layer, reduce the transparency and lock that layer so that it cannot be moved, switch to the layer above the image layer and start tracing. I don’t worry about cropping the bitmap image or resizing. When I no longer need the image I turn the image layer off. I can scale my vector objects afterward when needed. Everyone does stuff differently…this is the way I do it. 🙂

    • Very nice, with color scans, it seems like isolating an area will produce a vivid trace sometimes, but with something like brightness, I think you have an interesting approach. I’ve noticed the original doesn’t disappear and that it stays underneath, so putting it on its own layer is a neat idea, too. I’m definitely going to bookmark your site. It looks like you made a typo, so here is the fixed URL http://screencasters.heathenx.org/

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